UCSB provides many opportunities in interdisciplinary environmental education and mentorship at the graduate level. At the forefront of environmental education and research, UCSB is home to the Bren School, one of the nation's leading environmental science and management professional programs. Moreover, UCSB is considered to be one of the country’s leading institutions for interdisciplinary environmental teaching and research that bridges human and natural systems. Across multiple disciplines, faculty are researching environmental issues and providing graduate mentorship in environmental scholarship. 

Bren School courtyard

Master and PhD in Environmental Science and Management

The Bren School at UCSB plays a leading role in researching environmental issues, identifying and solving environmental problems, and training research scientists and environmental management professionals. The Bren School offers two degree programs: Master of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) and PhD of Environmental Science and Management.

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Master's recipients at commencement

Environmental Relevant Masters and PhD Programs

As environmental issues become ever more critical, scholarship concerned with environmental challenges has become more relevant in UCSB’s more traditionally organized disciplines. Many faculty who work on environmental issues are based in numerous campus units. This creates a wide scope of environmental education and mentorship for graduate students at UCSB.

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Interdisciplinary Environmental PhD Emphases

In addition to the immense opportunities in graduate-level education and scholarship, UCSB offers several interdisciplinary emphases to enhance student’s education by acquiring skills that supplement their major discipline. Two of these emphases offer supplemental training and mentorship on environment and economics, and environment and society scholarship. 

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